Creative mamas questionnaire

I am writing a book on the subject of creative mothers and would love to include lots of mothers’ voices in it.

If you consider you are a creative person (not necessarily a professional artist) at the same time as being a hands-on mother, I would be so honoured if you would share a little of your experience… and if you struggle with creating with children and consider yourself NOT creative, please tell me about it here

What vision did you have of yourself as a mother BEFORE you had children? 

How did you think your life would look/ your role would be? What influence did YOUR mother have on this?

How did this measure up to the reality of mothering?

How far developed were you in your creativity before you had children? 

How did having children affect your path?

How did you balance your creative and mothering sides:  practically, emotionally, energy-wise?

What drove you to do this?

Did you have any mentors, models for how to do this? Any words of wisdom given to you?

Where were your greatest challenges?

What are you most proud of now, looking back?

Just a couple of sentences for each would be wonderful, unless you feel called to really get stuck in and write me whole paragraphs!

Deadline? My experience is that if you don’t do it now, the chances are you’ll forget about it! I would really like to have all this compiled by the end of June at the latest.

Please let me know how you would like your comments to be attributed: I would like to use first and last name, age, number of children, your art form and location, if this is acceptable to you:
(e.g. Lucy Pearce, 30, mother of 3, a writer based in East Cork, Ireland)
Or more biographical information if you are happy…
I would really appreciate an image of yourself too, preferably with some of your work!

I have big hopes to inspire mothers in their mothering and their creativity, and am really excited about you being part of this.

Thank you, thank you for taking a moment and sharing so generously.

Please email responses to
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