Are you a morning goddess?

How do you start your morning?

I know that how I start mine sets the tone for my day. A few moments mindful breathing and I am a far nicer mama. Hassle and whinge and jump on me and I’m set to banshee mode for the rest of the morning.

This morning this creative mama read about touching your writing spirit whilst her babas slumbered in her arms (and squirmed every time I turned the page!) I planned my writing whilst I pooped(classy!!) and then I requested and was granted an hour’s writing time (after the school rush was done). So off I snuck to my writing shed in the woods by the Pink House, and wrote for an hour, the first proper beginnings of a Very Important Project, fuelled and inspired by this wonderful blog and you delightful readers.
Oh how I’d love to start every day this way.

That and I’m wearing my new hippy rainbow mama patchwork skirt which arrived by post from sunny Thailand yesterday. Hurray. Shiny rainbows all round! I feel, as the saying goes, like a dog with two mickies!

So how we start the day matters. But as mamas often this is outside of our control. All these wonderful self help books tell you to do an hours yoga and half an hour’s meditation followed by an unharried breakfast of fruit. But they don’t have little kids, when trying not to put your knickers over your tights, (or even to find clean knickers in the laundry mountain!) is an issue. When rather than choosing to rise earlier you are begging for another second of shut eye after a night of constant wakings and wriggly children coughing in your face or wetting the bed next to you. Sometimes it feels totally insurmoutable, that you are defeated before the day has even begun. Especially if you are parenting single handed.

But if you can find a way to have 5 minutes peace, and some sort of mindfulness practice – be it yoga, conscious breathing, a walk in the garden, a jot in your journal… whatever little hit of headspace, body awakening and peace you can to carry into your day with you, then take it, dear mama, you will all be better for it. Even if it means your kids watching TV, or your husband or mother or sister can take the kids, or perhaps settle them with some drawing, or do it whilst they are slumbering. Nourish yourself dear mama, water your soul with silence, honour your body with love.

Two morning mindfulness offerings I wanted to share with you, from my very favourite online ladies

This post from Mama-Om which has had a big impact on me, and I keep it in mind often.

And a whole free e-booklet of advice of how to be a morning goddess, gleaned from yogis, spiritual mentors, creatives and mamas from my favourite online Goddess, Leonie. (If you like this and want more of it in your life see this post or click the goddess circle link on your right to join the goddess circle.)

And over to you, dear reader… How do you make happy mornings  – please share you morning routines with us all in the comments box below. What awakens your soul from slumber? What saves your sanity?  

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  1. RosieDreams

    Lovely space here. I just found your blog via Mama-Om’s blog and already feel at home.

    So, my mornings are like clock-work…in my mind at least. I rise, make the bed immediately, put in my contacts so I can see, get dressed, brush my hair and then, ta-dah, I’m ready to “work.” Before I leave the bedroom my first thing is always to grab our dirty laundry hamper in our bathroom and make my way around the house collecting all the dirty stuff to get the laundry started ASAP. Otherwise laundry will literally sit until the afternoon and then it’s a bit late for me to ever get it done. And cloth diapers don’t work very well when they’re dirty from yesterday. 🙂

    Now, I should explain, the only way this routine ever happens is if my husband is home. But with his work schedule, he almost always is here at getting-up-time. Thank goodness. And boy have I been spoiled. If someone pounces on the bed, screams at the door, yanks on me while I’m getting dressed, my whole morning is off. And not because these things would be unrealistic. Just because I’ve decided that five minutes upon waking can center me just so.

    I’d never really thought about it like this though. So thanks for asking. I’ve recognized that I needed this short time and space to get grounded, but I hadn’t thought about it in terms of ritual. I think there’s a lot of unconscious work taking place that I have yet to explore and tap into. Thanks for asking these question.

  2. Lucy

    Thanks Rosie, so glad you found me – how I love Mama-Om! Welcome to Dreaming Aloud, am glad you’re finding yourself at home here. It is the quality of those first five mins that does it, isn’t?

  3. Anonymous

    Im awake before the alarm which is set for 6.30. I dress in my pre-selected outfit for work. I hang out the washing from the evening before and empty and pack the dishwasher.I drink a cup of coffee while making hearty lunches for the kids, myself and my work colleague. Usually lightly toasted subs with a selection of salad and organic chicken, or tuna. I wake the kids at 7.ooa.m. they have folded their uniforms from the day before. I make them hot cocoa, toast or cereal. The older kids help themselves. They brush their teeth and pack their lunches, hop into the car and I take them to the child-minders before 8.00 and start on the long road to Cork City where I work. My husband lives and works in Dublin, so I know I have no-one else to help so I just get on with it. The dinner is made the night before or is something easy that the older ones can make. Im not home until 6.p.m. or later when I take in the laundry to air. The kids have to help me to bed as I am so exhausted by 8.00p.m. I dont work two days in the week so I catch up on some painting or reading and take the kids for a swim, or some other fun activity. I find this very relaxing. We catch up on the family gossip as we eat out meal together. We live for the weekends which are usually jam-packed full of fun, concerts, trips to the beach, barbeques, the cinema, visiting friends and relations etc. We do the shopping together on Sunday and have a rota of planned meals so that everyone gets their favourite. I love work but wish it wasnt so far away the commute takes two hours out of every day. At the moment I have a chest infection and slept all day. I have no doubt that it is cumulative exhaustion and my body has forced me to stop. Oh well!

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