Threading beauty

Today we made a blossom garland to celebrate Spring
What fun, threading beauty on a string.
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  1. Amyvix

    That’s lovely. Do you have cherry blossoms in your garden? x

  2. dixiebelle

    Gorgeous photo! We were collecting Autumn leaves in varying colours, on the opposite side of the world!

  3. Lauren @ Hobo Mama
    Lauren @ Hobo Mama04-10-2011

    This stopped me in my tracks. What beauty!

  4. Dreamingaloudnet

    Hi Amy, yes we have two cherry tree, pink and white, will be bringing some to your motherblessing this afternoon to float in the rosewater bowl.

    Thanks Lauren!

    @ dixiebelle That is just so hard to get my head around!

  5. Dreamingaloudnet

    On a practical note they are very easy to make – needle and thread and bob’s your uncle. My son (5) made one I made another and we tied them together. Our almost 3 year old gathered the flowers.

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