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Have I ever told you just how much I love working with/for/at JUNO*? I get to “meet” so many wonderful like-minded people, read incredibly insightful article submissions – more than we have space to publish. JUNO has been the soundtrack to my parenting adventure. Through it I have learnt about the realities of homeschooling, baby wearing, limbic imprint, geopathic stress, lotus birth, Non Violent Communication, The Journey, raw living, a number of Small schools, Steiner craft and seasonal celebrations, placenta encapsulation, electric bikes, and so much more! I have absorbed lots of great parenting techniques, discovered so many inspiring books, and been soothed, inspired and reassured on a page-by-page basis by the varied voices of our contributors: mothers, doctors, homeopaths, doulas, fathers, grandparents, teachers: so many wise souls.

But I have only just realised how many of my fellow JUNO community are also wonderful bloggers, changing the world one post at a time… and I want to share them with you. I am not sure how much they want to keep their anonymity, so let me just say that we have a couple of article contributors, a columnist and our editor-in-chief… These are women who go above and beyond, who inspire me, who create beauty and grand visions, who aspire to live a little lighter and do things their way, who parent with love and respect, and are generous with their time and love, which is, of course, why they’re JUNO sisters. So do stop by, and hear what these wonderful voices are sharing…

Give an Earthly
Feet on the Ground and Head in the Clouds
Nestled Under Rainbows
Motherhood and Anarchy

Do share links of others you know of…

Are you a JUNO reader? What part does it play in your family life? Which articles or images have stayed with you? How did you first discover it?

*For those of you who haven’t discovered JUNO yet…
Juno is a natural parenting magazine with an ethos based on conscious parenting, sustainability, social justice, non-violence and a commitment to personal growth and spiritual awareness. Juno is named after and inspired by the Roman goddess of birth, fertility, marriage and female genius.

Our aims are to acknowledge the valuable role of being a parent with all of its joys and challenges and to enrich family life and relationships by encouraging reflection, self-acceptance and peaceful parenting; building a sense of community, celebrating the roles of parenting and home making and nurturing creativity.

Our broad editorial contains features, interviews, reviews, personal stories, crafts and celebrations. Contributions from our readers are central to the ethos of the magazine, and it is by sharing stories, ideas and information that we hope to empower you to be the parent you want to be.

I am contributing editor at JUNO.
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  1. Motherhood and Anarchy
    Motherhood and Anarchy04-30-2011

    Dear Lucy

    Thank you for this link. I like what you say about JUNO being the “soundtrack to your parenting adventure”. I too have learnt so much from reading JUNO – I wish I’d discovered it earlier in my parenting adventure. Now I’m editor I feel very lucky to be exposed to the “inside” workings of JUNO and learning SO MUCH more as a result. Like you I feel myself growing and benefiting from the incredible connections and relationships I make through JUNO and through all the wonderful articles I get to read. Thank you to all who share so much through JUNO.


  2. earthlytreasures

    What an honour to be a “Juno Sister”! I also have Veronica Petrie’s blog in my list – how I love her illustrations:

  3. Anonymous

    I love Dreaming Aloud Lucy. You certainly don’t stand still.
    All my love and blessings for your work
    Patricia Patterson-Vanegas

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