Why, thank you!

So hot on the heels of being long listed, though unfortunately not short listed, for the Irish blog awards, your dear hostess (that’d be me then!) has be awarded a Stylish blog award from a fellow blogger who described it as…A truly professional, profound and philosophical blog by Lucy Pearce where she shares her 
dreams and insights to parenting with kindness and sustainability.”

Well, dear Child of the Nature Isle, all the way over in tropical Dominica, thank you very much. I am very touched by your words. 

The word is spreading on Dreaming Aloud and I am gathering new readers and followers by the day, which is wonderful. I am loving writing it. But I think my husband and friends are a bit bored hearing me natter on about it!! So you, dear reader, are what makes it worthwhile. I spend far too long a day watching the blogometer count go up and up and see who’s reading what and where. It is addictive!

So with the award comes an obligation to do a few things:

* Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award (CHECK)
* Share 7 things about yourself (COMING UP…)
* Award 10-15 blogs you feel deserve this award (I’M AWARE THAT SOME I LOVE MAY a) ALREADY HAVE THE AWARD b) NOT BE INTO THAT SORT OF THING (AHEM, DAVE!))
* Contact the bloggers and let them know about their award (WILL DO!)

So things about me….

1) I am not, contrary to what I told my husband when courting, part of the Spanish aristocracy.
2) I am however, part of the Pearce and Gavin bohemian dynasties of creative types.
3) I have lived in 16 houses in my life including lots in Ireland, the UK – Bristol, Dorset, Wiltshire, Cambridge, London – and Kyoto, Japan.
4) My children have long names: each have an “English” name, an Irish name, a soul/ hippy name and two surnames!
5) I am named after my grandmother – who I never met – but everyone says I am extremely like her: good cook, writer, academic, thinker, deeply interested in education… 
6) I live in a house which I drove past for years wanting to own, so am dead chuffed that we do now- all sorts of twists of fate helped it to happen!
7) We have a very tame robin in our garden who watches our every move. We call her 
Bernadette after the old woman who owned this house before us.

And blogs I love…(scuse the lack of style – html is cracking up – the gods of blogging are laughing right now!)

  • Dave is my real life pal. Dave is very funny. Dave is a very good writer. Dave gets embarrassed very easily. Dave is useless at promoting his own blog. So I shall do it for him. And watch him blush!

    Inspirational ideas for family life: craft, sewing, baking and joyous activities.

    Love her pictures. Love her insight. Love joy pockets. She has received a lot of awards before… and think she might not be accepting any more.
  • Oh man CJ is one feisty, stylish writer. And a radical homemaker
    to boot! Love her blog – topics and style – LOVE it!

    grit’s day
    Another very, very witty blogger whose wit and insight cut like a knife.
    A home educator of 10 year old triplets who divides her time between
    th UK and Hong Kong.

    Twig and Toadstool
    The most inspiring Steiner craft blog out there. Magical!

    I am sure dear Mama Om doesn’t accept awards.
    But I love her gentle insight. She inspires me. So she’s getting one any way!

    My Year In Haiku
    A newly discovered gem. A haiku a day. Precious.

    The Variegated Life
    I keep rediscovering this one. And loving it. A thinking mama’s blog.

    Little Green Blog
    Nothing little about this blog it is SO full of interesting green stuff. It 
    is my favourite blog design out there-and it has inspired a redesign
    of my husband’s company’s website. 

Shivaya Naturals
A beautiful, gentle, inspiring blog by one of the
wonderful Rhythm of the Home editors.

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    1. Anonymous

      Most deserved lovely! Well done.

      As you will be able to tell from the counter thingy, my devotion to Dreaming Aloud has been a bit OCD since I discovered it, and you! Hahaha! Thank you thank you. This addict is going slightly cold turkey for a while as she’s got some living to do, and needs to get out and about, and *WOOP WOOP* has the wheels and wings to be able to do that again, after weeeeeks of no transport, four home schooled boys/monkeys, and a growing sense of all-consuming weariness…. You have soothed my soul, inspired me, been part of a lovely emotional growth spurt, and helped me feel a little less isolated. Most of my dearest friends do not live on my doorstep, or are heavily pregnant or don’t drive themselves, so being stuck at home with only the phone/internet for some soul-nourishing outside contact with people other than one sweet friend who I see twice a week and my cleaning lady, and the odd meet-up with friends scattered too far apart as everyone lives so bloomin’ far away! It been an unusually tough stretch just lately and I’ve practically forgotten what my husband looks like ‘cos he’s been working for more than two weeks straight…including weekends AND evenings….so you’ve cheered me up lots and lots. Thank you dear. You’re a trooper. X

    2. Dreamingaloudnet

      Ah, your welcome, thank you for your company – delighted you’re heading into brighter times. See you soon! xx

    3. Grace

      Thannk you so very much!! I am honored. I am happy that you are enjoying my blog. I’ve loved getting to check yours out as well. Thanks for this list of cool blogs to check out too.

    4. Dreamingaloudnet

      You’re welcome Grace – ah bog it, just re read my first comment to MF, wrote ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’ argggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh that’s like nails down a black board to me, sorry!!!!

    5. Rachael @ The Variegated Life
      Rachael @ The Variegated Life03-29-2011

      Hello, Lucy! Why, thank you! Though I must say I’m disappointed to hear that you are not a member of the Spanish aristocracy. Nevertheless, I shall continue to read!

    6. TwigandToadstool

      Thank you for including us on your list…we’re always honoured when people let us know that they like us…so thank you!!
      xox maureen

    7. Anonymous

      ah just a wee tiny peek! i couldn’t resist 🙂 nice clocky idea, i might make one with indie who is just learning the time. *MF*

    8. Grit

      ah, thank you for the award and that lovely reference. Even if i don’t manage to do all the rules of this i’m sure i can reward everyone with ice cream. the frozen mango is excellent. xx

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