Weaving virtual circles – Circle of Stones series (3)

Firstly a brief apology,  I have been distracted with other thoughts, (of clay and animal welfare) so my Circle of Stones week has been interrupted over the past couple of days! Sorry! You got some other goodies instead, and I, because of my general impatience, wanted to share those musings whilst they were fresh!

So on with the Circle of Stones series…
I discovered an online circle of stones. It is bursting with inspiring interviews with wonderful women. I cannot recommend it highly enough. 

Circle of Stones
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I have only read the first three so far, but they are like bathing in warm chocolate: comfort for the woman-soul to know that there are so many others out there on this path. When launching her circle of stones Heather at Shivaya Naturals (also one of the editors at the wonderful Rhythm of the Home) wrote this:

What struck me was that [my] circle seems to expand to a group of people who I have never met, and perhaps never will meet, but who I still share a friendship with. Through this blog, and through reading hundreds of others, I have come to realize that many of us have created a friendship that is based completely on positive and caring support, and that is almost always centered around finding our selves and supporting each other on a journey to being authentically women. Those small comments that tell you to have a good day when it is a struggle, those that wish you well on an endeavor or a challenge. Those that encourage you to find your way through what ever journey you are taking. Those that are taking the journey with you.

Many people believe that we come to our blogs each day to simply write about ourselves, to write about our children or our work. I think that we come together, as creative women, to form a circle that reminds us and inspires us to embrace the amazing blessings that make us women.

Thank you for being a part of my circle of stones.”

I echo Heather wholeheartedly. Thank heavens for this virtual web and all the connections we can make through it. My blogging makes me feel whole. It makes me feel surrounded by a wonderful community of friends and like-minded souls. It requires that I tune into myself and where I’m at in order to then express this with clarity. It demands that I show up and do the work of truth telling. And the ideas of others, and their truth telling lift me up and inspire me on. 

For that I want to now point you right, to my blog roll, my online circle of stones, to whom I owe sanity, ideas and inspiration almost everyday. Thank you sisters. And thank you dear readers.

This is part of the Circle of Stones Week
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