Rhythm of the Home

I have a piece in the beautiful Spring issue of Rhythm of the Home. Click the button below to visit it!

I urge you to take the time to savour this stunning online publication which is compiled with love by three visionary mamas and contributed to by dozens more. It is sure to inspire, lift your spirits and help you to celebrate the changing seasons. I find it nothing short of magical!

May I also recommend my pick of other favorites

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  1. Anonymous

    The concept of nourishing your dreams really speaks to me right now. I love how this spiritual, gentle instruction is delivered in such a peaceful yet powerful way. Will read more closely when I’m not so tired. Can’t tear myself away from your blog Lucy, keep having sneaky peeks at it every day! It is by far the nicest blog I have seen and the only one that makes me want to keep looking after initially going hmmm, that’s nice! I feel like I’m stalking you a bit but honestly it is just such a nice blog. Thank you for writing it and putting your energy out there for other mamas. Its like a little meditational moment that really helps me get some mothering insights and perspective, something the internet doesn’t generally do for me as a whole. Am standed because my van has broken so whilst I am in touch with friends on the phone and they are visiting here, getting out with all four children is tricky at the mo so it’s nice to touch base with some other mother wisdom. So thank you dear stranger!!! xxx from the motherfunky mama

  2. Dreamingaloudnet

    Stalk away motherfunker, am delighted that you are enjoying it! That’s why I do it!

  3. Nicola (Which Name?)
    Nicola (Which Name?)03-13-2011

    I really really loved your ROTH article. I have a spirited girl whose tantrums roll in like waves. I took a breath of relief just reading that I am not alone.

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