Happy Spring

It seems like after the fun and frolics of Christmas and New Year the celebrations calendar dries up for months, except for the pink ruffle of Valentines Day. Easter celebrations seem a long way off. But then, like buses, in two days four celebrations come up at once, taking me totally by surprise. They are celebrations I knew nothing of really until this year.
Yesterday (Feb 1st) was St Brigid’s day- the first day of spring. Our son came home from school singing sweet tidings of the dear woman. The library was hosting a Brigid’s Cross weaving workshop. We made a bird’s nest for the Season’s table.
And today is Candlemas. Apparently the traditional end of Christmas-tide, marking 40 days since the birth of the baby Jesus. It marks the ritual purification of Mary in the temple and introduction of Jesus to the priest who recognised him as the prophesied Messiah. We started our day with a blessing of candles with breakfast.
Also today/ tommorow is Imbolc/ Imbolg in the Pagan and Celtic calendar- re birth of the sun out of earth’s belly, 1/2 way between Winter solstice and Spring equinox. According to Glennie Kindred’s very  special Sacred Celebrations:

“The festival celebrates the reawakening Earth and the potential of manifestation inherent at this time…It is important that we use the inner wisdom we have gained during the Winter months, and bring it out with us into the active phase of the year. It is this union of the two aspects of ourselves which is the power and magical alchemy of Imbolc, bringing fertility and manifestation.”

This was incredibly apparent in my own life as writing commissions blossomed throughout the day. And so I will give my apologies now that the next few weeks might be quieter than usual on Dreaming Aloud as I turn my writing powers to other sources.

And finally Groundhog day, as popularised by the unforgettably lame movie. The Hog emerged today apparently, so all is well, Spring is officially here.
So there we have it people. Happy Spring! May your sap rise, your creativity blossom and your frolics be many! 
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  1. melissa joanne
    melissa joanne02-02-2011

    I had not heard of any of those aside from Groundhog Day – thanks for helping me learn something new today 🙂

  2. Leigh

    I read a nice old gaelic legend today about Imbolc – the Cailleach, the old witch of winter, goes out on 1st February to collect firewood for the remaining winter days. If the winter is to continue for a while she will make sure the weather is dry and sunny to aid her firewood collecting, if the weather that day is cold and wet it means the witch is asleep and winter will be over soon. Imbolc here this year was cold and wet and windy – Hooray!
    Ps – Groundhog Day is a great film! Don’t diss it! x

  3. Dreamingaloudnet

    Thanks Leigh! Great addition to the knowledge…you too are a FOKIT
    PS I think it’s pants! xx

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