Doctor’s orders

Laydeez and gentlemen, may I present you with……
Drum roll pleeze………..
The words of my new hero, DR Tom Smith…
“Don’t diet too much: being slightly overweight is good for you.”
Yes you heard it right.We is allowed to be a little chubby!

And, remember, you heard it here on Dreaming Aloud first, last week, without a jot of medical evidence to back it up.

Let 2011 be the year of the chubby hip. The rounded jaw and the big boob… if they are what comes naturally to you.

But worry not dear dieticians, naturally skinny peeps and healthy types – YOU can stay nice and slim and reap the rewards. And before you have a go, I’m not knocking fitness, good health or suggesting living off chips. No, this one is for us naturally rounded types who have been on “I should be on a diet in order to be acceptable to the fashion police” mode our entire lives. This is for all the Bridget Jones’s out there, on the authority of the Guardian no less.

“Until last year,” my new hero reveals, “the commonly accepted marker of a healthy weight-for-height was the body mass index or BMI: your weight in kilograms divided by the square of your height in metres. BMI charts originally identified 20-25 as the target range for the lowest risk for future ill health […]But that universally accepted standard changed in 2010. It seems a higher BMI score, of 25-27.5, is at least as healthy in terms of cardiovascular risk as one of 20-22.5.”

Hurrah, hurray. I no longer have to endlessly check my BMI, adding a centimetre or two because I can’t “remember” precisely what my height is. I am, according to the nice writer man in the Guardian, not in ANY physical danger by being a little bit cuddly. So stop the guilt train. I’m a gettin off forever! Bring on the chocolate biscuits- it’s doctor’s orders! (Except not today cos I’ve got a migraine!)

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  1. laangel

    thank god for that whoop whoop 🙂

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