A Life Affirming Luncheon

Saturday Pizzas. These two words sum up why I love to live here. Locally produced, organic, well-cooked food, served up with lashings of community spirit, in a funky cafe, overlooking gorgeous gardens and the sea on the horizon. Only five minutes walk from the Pink House. Fifteen if the kids are walking and remarking on every feather and plant in the hedgerow. Good food, good friends, family friendly. Bliss.

Many a Saturday you will find us there. The kids buzzing in and out, colouring and playing with friends. On fine days they splash in the pond and make daisy chains on the lawn. Meanwhile the adults have a leisurely glass of wine and set the world to rights whilst devouring slice after slice of wood-fired pizza with toppings like romanesco and blue cheese, brussels sprouts and garlic, aubergine caponata mozzerela and aoili. Heaven!

Today we were there for two and half hours. Not a whinge from the kids. Not a moan from fellow dinners about our having kids there. The tables are grouped together, they gain and lose folk over the course of the afternoon: an ever-changing tide of congenial company. So today I ate with friends I have known since childhood who also have children of their own. Our friendship goes back through the generations: our parents were friends, and their parents before them and now their children and our children are growing up together. This feels so good and right to me. And then there are dear new friends whom I have made through having kids, with whom we share holidays and celebrations throughout the year. My dad, my lawyer, our neighbours… The ages ranged from 0 – 67. Waves of humanity converging over bubbling dough-based delights.

This is how life has been throughout civilisations, throughout history, around the globe. This is how life was meant to be: rich and nourishing to body, soul, family and community spirit.

Do you have a local place to break bread or share a drink with friends? A place that lifts the spirits as well as fills your belly? Eat well, eat local!

(Image taken from Saturday Pizza website, without permission, though I think Philip will overlook this liberty given the level of review he’s just got from me!)

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  1. Dionna @ Code Name: Mama
    Dionna @ Code Name: Mama01-16-2011

    I LOVE this description! I so wish we had something like this in my city. I’ve tried to purposefully create such a community (through asking several families to have monthly dinners), but it’s always fallen apart. We will keep trying!!

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