You are not a victim

A message for those in turmoil or mental crisis


You have been blessed with a journey few are deemed wise enough to take.
A journey to the dark side of the mind.
Treat your opportunity as such…
THIS is the moment you life has been leading to,
Where you see the reality behind all that you have learnt in theory.
This is the dark side of the mind,
The smelting room,
This is the crucible of creativity.
Map it,
Study its terrain,
Mine it in the dark, for it has veins of pure gold.
And bring them back.
This is the battleground between Eros and Thanatos
That other creative minds, other hungry spirits have written of.
This is the long dark night of the soul.
The total eclipse of the heart.
No University, no training can teach you the lessons you will learn here.
Go wisely.
Talk to Death, write to him, dance with him, see his shape, and mark it on the map.
But do not be seduced.
He is a cold lover.
This is the time of the chrysallis
You seem cold, hard and dead to us in the world,
But this is the sign that the soul is in transformation,
Before the butterfly emerges in all its winged glory.
This journey is in the mind, but it cannot be done purely by the rational mind.
Nor can anyone else do it for you.
This is YOUR journey.
Your hero’s quest.
Every quest must begin with descent,
Then initiation into the dark realms.
Then the Gates…
Of Great Doubt,
Of Anger
Of Terrible Fear
Of Total Loss of all that you see yourself as,
Of Seeming Oblivion.
As you pass them, chart them…
Though you may loosen your contact with the outside world.
Keep hold of a thread, your lifeline.
It will lead you back to us.
And forwards into a newer, more complete vision of yourself.
A more fully integrated soul.
You look outside you for the answers, the solution, your guide.
You have misfocused.
That all lies within you.
You are, can only be, your own salvation.
Polish your lens.
The light comes from within.
You, dear questioner, are the answer.
The outside world simply a mirror.
Things are not as they seem.
This is your crisis
In Chinese it is the symbol for DANGER
And oppportunity…
Take this opportunity.
You are not a victim.
This is no accident.
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