Our Christmas by Numbers

Family members in house: 6
Family members with vomiting bug: 6
Family members with swine flu: 6
Number of pukes between us: 24
Number of plane tickets re-booked: 1
Nights with more than 3 hours straight sleep: 0
Number of tantrums on Christmas Day: 0
Number of Christmas trees procured: 0
Pairs of socks received on Christmas Day: 2 (they were requested!)
Weeks of snow and ice: 4
Number of pounds in weight I have lost: 4 (that’s a first for Xmas time!)
Number of hours the TV has been on in this house today: 11, and counting!
Number of turkey and stuffing sandwiches eaten: 3

Blessings counted: many…we have a warm house, access to medicine, only minor bugs in the scheme of things and loved ones to comfort us, we have no plans to cancel and no work or school to be missing.

Roll on the Christmas holidays!

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  1. laangel

    sounds just like our Christmas! Sorry to hear you’ve all been so poorly. much love x x

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