Craft-Tea Christmas Celebrations

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We love Christmas in our house. And for me it has to be a home-made Christmas. 

The excitement is two-fold: the craft element of making and decorating, and then the food aspect of stocking up and then feasting on special seasonal treats. I start to get excited about Christmas in September, so by the beginning of December I feel entitled to go all out in celebration. After all I have been waiting so long for it!

And so last year to share my excitement we started a tradition: the “craft tea”. It combines two of my most favourite activities: making things and eating cake!

One afternoon, in the first week of December we invited friends over to help to demolish our gingerbread house. We had only made it a few days earlier but the children could hardly wait to get their hands on all the pretty looking sweeties. I figured we needed a little help in its destruction or the sugar overload would be catastrophic!

Three mums and six children lit the advent wreath and put on carols. We supped on steaming mulled apple juice and lashings of gingerbread. We made popcorn garlands (and ate much of it along the way) and threaded brightly coloured paper chains. We created Christmas cards with glitter and sequins galore and even attempted a festive puppet show. From the moment it started I couldn’t wait to do it again next year.

This year we’re going for double the fun. One for families, like last year, and a grown up one for our women’s group’s December meeting. There we will sew decorations for our trees, talking all the while of things close to our hearts, sharing laughter and maybe tears. We will sing carols a cappella by candle light in front of the Christmas tree. And of course drink mulled apple juice, perhaps with a little drop of something stronger to lift the spirits, and eat copious amounts of homemade cake and mince pies.
We wish you a craft-tea Christmas …”


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  1. Lauren @ Hobo Mama
    Lauren @ Hobo Mama12-17-2010

    What a fabulous idea! I love homemade, and combining food, friends, and making crafts — seriously, what could be better? I love the pictures of your creations, too!

    We have a gingerbread house that Mikko wants to demolish, and I never even thought of inviting over a wrecking crew to share in the joy. 🙂 That’s brilliant.

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