Bodies of light

A dream
I am wondering how to make amends. 
Not even for my actions, but thoughts.
Thoughts I had considered inconsequential at the time,
But they are silent rocks to my soul it seems.
Before me
I see
People walking away,
Their bodies unravelling 
Like the bandages from an Egyptian mummy.
And out
From these bindings
Emerge the most beautiful bodies of light.
Solid light.
They had been invisible under their bodies.
These light bodies float up, up,
Helium balloons of pure light,
Sky lanterns of souls.
And I am left,
Heavy with my impurities,
Rooted to the Earth.
But knowing,
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  1. Anonymous

    Dont be so hard on yourself hun. Lovely poem. The spirit is willing and flies when it can, we are earthbound with human concern, we are only human after all, but what spirit, what light…it shines from you too.

  2. Dreamingaloudnet

    Thank you! Wasn’t meaning meaning to be hard on myself, it was a dream realisation, and it was a total shock to me that the inconsequential thoughts had as much “reality” in tying me down as any action I might have undertaken. T

    he beauty of the floating light bodies, like sky lanterns, was so lovely, so simple and perfect. And real.

    I have certain dreams like these whihc I consider “intiation” or “teaching” dreams, they have a very solid quality, teaching “truths” that I do not “know” fully in my daily life, and they stay with me for years. They are not connected to what I have seen and heard the previous day (which I consider brain processing dreams). Do my readers have these?

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