A response to the Budget announcement 

  ‘The biggest sting in today’s budget will be felt by women with children’, said Labour Party Finance Spokesperson Joan Burton. She said of the €2.1bn in cuts, €1.6bn would be borne by the areas of health, children and social protection. She said working people would do the heavy lifting in this Budget.

What did we do? We who were students during the Celtic Tiger? We who will not be able to afford to save for a pension, nor send our own children to university.

What did our children do that their school should get less money? When their parents are already filling the funding shortfall.
What did our family do to deserve to pay at least an extra €2000 in tax next year? On top of the extra taxes already levied on us over the past two years.
What did the poorest do to lose 15% of wage, every hour?
What did the sick do?
What did the carers do to lose 5% of their meagre income?

What back handers did we receive?

What money did we make from our land being re-zoned?
What money did we make from dodgy lending and reckless gambling with other people’s money?
What did we make from over-priced, over-run Tribunals?
Ask yourselves that question, oh respected leaders, wealthy lawyers, fat cat bankers.
You are raising prices, tax, selling off our forestry, mortgaging every man woman and child to the IMF. 

How dare you?

Do you care?

Shame on you!

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