This is our moment

This is our moment
This is our perfect moment
The moment which I have read about for years, foretold by New Agers, counter-culturalists and eco-mentalists alike. Is here. Now.  There is a thrill of excitement, a shudder of dread at what might lie ahead, and a sense of discombobulation. 
This is the moment which the rulers of our economic model denied could ever happen. But now the parade is being pissed on from a height. This is the point where the shit hits the fan. The tipping point. Decision time. We have metaphors a plenty, and big, over arching dreams of social justice, a better world, a fairer, more sustainable society.
But what do we do? 
Here, today, on the ground….what do we do? And how do we do it ? Not in our heads, but in actions, right here, right now?And on a national scale. How do we harness the moment, the feeling of the need for change? 
How do we find agreement between 4 million disparate people about the best way forward, when all are convinced that the system is screwed? That voting won’t help?
Fintan O Toole in Wednesday’s Irish Times had wise words: “Before an election, a civic movement has to create a critical mass around the idea of radical political reform.” 
But how can a civic movement 1) form itself in such a short time 2) position itself to rightfully take power? 
This truly is our moment.  This is history in the making. A moment we will tell our children about. Can we rise to it? Can we find a common way forward? What part can I play?
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