Multiple choice madness… a sane response to crazy times

We are living in crazy times. The Irish people want answers. No one in Government seems willing or able to provide them. So, here is your multiple choice way of dealing with the economic crisis. It’s about as scientific and reliable as anything else going around at the moment …

Help! Ireland is ****** What do I do? Do I …
a) Emigrate? (Can’t afford to)
b) Go and protest? ( It’s TOO cold)
c) Find someone who cares? (Hmmm, no one around)
d) Go on strike? (I don’t have a job)
e) Stock up on soap, candles, bottled water, crackers and booze and put our money under the mattress? Anyone joining us?

By Christmas will…
a) Brian Cowen still be in power?
b) Brian Cowen still be in power ?
c) Brian Cowen still be in power? (oh whoops, had that one all ready!)

Who will our next leader be?
a) Ronald MacDonald
b) George W Bush
c) A lump of turf
All would be more credible and competent me thinks!

How many bankers will go to jail?
a) Less than one
b) Zero
c) None
d) All of the above

The hardest till last…you’re on a life boat, you can save one group, which would it be?
a) Bankers
b) Property developers
c) TDs
d) Fianna Fail
e) IMF
f) ECB
g) Smug conspiracy theorists

Please add your own multiple choice question below!

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