We had a book swap night last night here at the Pink House. A great way to recycle no longer wanted books, and pick up great new reads for free, and talk books with friends – what more can a girl want? The heady smell of cardamom, cinnamon and cloves from the mulled apple juice warmed our bodies as we shared stories of our lives and the books that made us who we are. It was really nourishing to spend time talking about the power of stories, words and ideas with good friends.

What eight books have been most influential or treasured in your life? Which books built you? Which author’s complete works would you take with you to a desert island if you could only choose one? And what would be your “bible”?

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  1. Monica

    ahhh, books, and a swap! i have so many books i need to pass on. despite my love affair with them, i’ve started to let go, to value decluttering more (i still have plenty!)
    i’m taking a couple dozen back to uk when we visit, as there are no charity shops here.

    i would have loved being at your swap.

    my faves change…. difficult to choose. but if i were limited to one author, probably Austen. no wait, Proust. no wait……


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