A Mothering Badge of Honour (for a Day Well Done)

We live in a culture where what is valued is rewarded with money, medals, certificates, public acclaim. But for those of us that parent at home, all those badges are notably absent.

Oftentimes I give myself a hard time. For not being perfect. For being crabby, impatient, sarcastic, frustrated, even a little shouty. For serving my family a ready meal. For having a messy, messy house. For having the day before yesterday’s washing up still stacked by the sink. For having a laundry mountain the size of Kilimanjaro.

Well today (well, by the time you read this, it was yesterday!) I give myself top marks. Today I earned my mama badge of honour for a good day’s work. Issued by myself. And so I share with you my day: the highs and lows of being a stay at home mama, the drudgery and simple joys of this, my path, which may be yours too…

I woke multiple times in the night to breastfeed my baby…and wasn’t resentful.
I was woken just after dawn by a tumbling of children crawling all over me and scratching my face…and I didn’t shout.
I cooked porridge that wasn’t eaten.
Made a packed lunch that was
Brushed my hair (it doesn’t happen every day!) and put on clean tights – (ditto!)
Unloaded the dishwasher – blaaah – I HATE washing up and dishwashers, but I didn’t think bad thoughts, so double brownie points!
Got myself and two girls dressed without a tantrum (I’m a terror for tantruming when I get dressed- just ask my mother!)
De-iced the car.
Got to playgroup. EARLY. And it wasn’t my turn. And so set up.
Sold 5 Wallbooks and a copy of JUNO.
Got the car back for my husband in time.
Cooked a rather yummy mushroom soup and hummous for friends who came to lunch.
Managed to light the wood burner – that alone deserve a gold medal.
Baked and iced gingerbread men WITH my children – that deserves a gold medal too.
Tidied house and loaded dishwasher and did a load of washing – blaa blaa…
Did much JUNO administrative correspondence and bagged myself a review copy of a book I’ve been wanting for ages – score!
And checked my blog stats once or twice, and saw that 50 people read my last blog post – thank you people!
Cooked supper…and pudding.
Didn’t shout at my 2 year-old once… even though she asked to stir the custard in the jug a million times in a whingey voice …or when she wouldn’t put on a top and it’s freezing today…or when she spilt her custard…or when she wanted a red straw and we didn’t have one…or…. you get the picture.
Helped my baby practice her walking.
Averted a very messy world war three when two children were fighting over wanting to poo in the same toilet.
Wiped a lotta botties.
Helped put the older two hyper kids to bed before dealing with babsy.
Oh sugar, just realised I forgot to do homework with my son – oops!
And was nice to my husband ALL day – that certainly doesn’t happen every day of the week (sorry PT!)
And wrote a blog post!

And gave myself a pat on the back for an under appreciated and unpaid job well done, and rewarded myself with a hot bath, watching a little cookery porn, sorry, Nigella on the telly, and took to bed early… to write a book review on the fact that the end of the world is nigh – ah well!

And I’ll do it all over again tomorrow

No need for fan letters, I’m not fishing. How was YOUR day? Give yourself a pat on the back, or a break, instead.

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  1. Nora

    very good lucy :-))
    made me smile alot;-))

  2. Antoinette

    You did ALL of that in one day??? And remained calm? That deserves more than a badge of honour – more like a bloody medal – hehe.
    Love it!

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