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  • Poetry of a Hobo Mama: book review

    And so, for your delectation, a new collection of poems by one of the blogging queens of the natural parenting sorority and co-hostess of the Carnival of Natural Parenting. Lauren Wayne who blogs at Hobo Mama. has taken the big step of crossing over from the virtual […]

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  • Circle of Stones (2) Book review

    Most of us have a number of books which have marked defining points on our life’s journey. For me they are mainly women’s books. And all non-fiction. Each is like a marker in the sand, a point when I can say that my conception of myself and […]

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  • YES! A big shout out

    I have just come across a new idea right up my street in YES! magazine  which author Chuck Collins, a senior researcher at the US Institute for Policy Studies, refers to as Common Security Clubs. Those who have been interested in my Transition Family posts and this […]

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  • Radical Homemakers (4) Some niggling issues

    Wherever there are radical ideas there are nay sayers and vituperative opposition. Radical Homemakers is not for everyone. This goes without saying. Not everyone aspires to living on less, environmental sustainability, doing instead of buying. But no one is saying you have to. I take issue with […]

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  • Book review: Radical Homemakers

    YES! YES! YES!That’s what I think. With every page that I read. YES! That’s me! That’s why we’re doing it! That’s who we are! That’s how we live! It has reconfirmed our life path, our journey, our motivation, our daily choices to me.The back blurb […]

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    Fleeing Vesuvius:  Overcoming the risks of economic and environmental collapse Fleeing Vesuvius, published in Ireland by FEASTA*  is a book of its time, written by some of our brightest minds, for our people. Its stated aim “to arm its readers with the knowledge they need to […]

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    We had a book swap night last night here at the Pink House. A great way to recycle no longer wanted books, and pick up great new reads for free, and talk books with friends – what more can a girl want? The heady smell […]

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