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    Dream Gathering 2014

    Where does any funky Irish-based, festival-loving dreamer hang out? At the Dream Gathering of course. Held on the weekend of the Super Moon. Despite having flu I was NOT going to miss Dream Gathering 2014, which I had booked early bird tickets for the whole […]

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    A Creative Leap of Faith

    We are preparing to LEAP! The school holidays start today. And at the end of them lies a whole new horizon. With three children at school, our own creative partnership writing/ editing/ publishing/ creative mentoring with Lucent Word becomes our full reality. My subconscious has […]

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    I have spent the past decade unlearning who I was. You know me as a writer who writes books and blog posts about women and creativity and taboo from personal experience. I now write in my mother tongue… a strange mish mash of intuitive poetry, […]

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  • Dublin

    Full Circle: Circus: Sweet Freedom

    From as young as I remember there was circus. Every summer with in Ireland the traveling circuses visited our area, and we would go. My father, who I only got for weeks each year, whose presence was like the sun to me, would offer his […]

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    The Game of Life

    Our family’s favourite game at the moment is the Game of Life. That ’80s classic board game, which I in turn loved as a child. It’s a great allegory for this game… we call life. We take it all so seriously. But it is just […]

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  • Bluebell

    A Walk in the Blue

    We headed out on an adventure yesterday, down to West Cork… bluebell woods are a spring family tradition… I remember walking the bluebell woods with MY granny. Now my girls get to do the same. This ancient woodland is right next to the sea with […]

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  • Pink

    Getting Sidetracked… Overcoming the Distraction Saboteur to Creativity

    Getting sidetracked is my number one epic fail… as my dear son would put it. I caught myself doing it last night. I was attempting to cook dinner. I then realised I had enough pastry to make a second quiche. And then put on sausages […]

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  • Cherry Blossom Picnic

    This weekend saw our annual much-anticipated family celebration of spring, adopted from our soul- heartland Kyoto, Japan: o-hanami, the cherry blossom picnic. We have really made it our own at this stage – we are now on our third one. We require a sunny day with […]

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  • The Myth of Happy Families – Why it Just Can’t Work… and How You’re Doing Just Fine

    How’s your day? Chances are you’re tired. Or beating yourself up at getting cross with a child. Or have just had to break up a fight. Or are hiding on the internet just to get five minutes peace. Or perhaps you are feeling very chuffed […]

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  • A-Z of life at Dreaming Aloud

    I have been quiet on the blog – I have been called on to share so much of me in the book launch, with radio, newspaper, magazines and online, that I needed a little private space to recoup. I’m aware that I haven’t kept you […]

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