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    Birthing Ourselves into Being

    What does it mean to belong? To belong to a place? To a community? But even more importantly…What does it mean to belong to yourself? To be yourself so fully that you colour the world around you with your presence and passion? This is what […]

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    Womancraft Publishing: A Dream Come True

    Today we are celebrating the launch of our first book from our publishing imprint Read on to find out how you can win a copy! Looking back I don’t know quite know where the roots of this dream come true lie… Is it when I […]

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    Accepting the Image of Myself

    I have had a whole pile of really exciting teaching invites come in for 2015. Stuff so aligned to my soul it makes me deliriously happy. The first is Birthing Ourselves into Being, a transformational, yearlong virtual women’s circle – more of which another time. […]

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  • RedWeb

    The Cyber Witch Burnings

    At my blogging courses I preach the way of creative freedom, economic empowerment and self-expression. Most of my students are women. This message to them is balm. They don’t have to choose between family and work, creativity and work – they can have all three. […]

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  • Blue

    And the Winners Are…

    Thanks for all the giveaway entries over on the Dreaming Aloud Facebook page. (Not a fan yet? Seriously! Do head over and like the page, I share a LOT of top notch resources and inspiration over there.) We have two winners. As promised. one a […]

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  • Natural Ways1

    Burned Out – Healing from Adrenal Fatigue… Naturally

    Healing adrenal fatigue naturally Are you constantly stressed? Do you try to do everything, for everyone and not let anyone down? Do you feel like you’re running on empty? Is your life lived at high-pace, racing here and there? Do you regularly feel overwhelmed? But […]

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    Bargain Resources for Mamas

    Being a mother What does it mean to be a mother? It is more than a name. More than a job. More than a role. It is an art form. A meditative practice in the school of life. It is a life’s work which changes […]

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  • Pot Plant

    Why Women are Like House Plants

    As women we have been taught to step out of our power. In big ways and small, for most of our lives. Like plants that were once native to the jungles of hot steamy lands, which now languish potted in the corner of  a hot, […]

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    Shining a Light… On Women’s Shadows

    We’re entering challenging territory here. Territory which might provoke strong feelings. So just a reminder on how we rock at Dreaming Aloud: this is my safe space for dreaming… aloud. I share my process and ideas as they emerge in all their vulnerability and imperfection. […]

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  • 1 The Crazy Woman

    She Who DARES… Gets Destroyed… By Other Women

    Opening my inbox – Facebook or email – is filled with trepidation at the moment. The flip side of people knowing your work… is people thinking they have the right to attack you. Another woman. Not just a little bit miffed. But full of bile… […]

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