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  • IMG 20150314 130726

    The Counter Culturalist Joins Instagram

    There are a group of people (beloved by businesses) called “early adopters”. These are the folk who wait in line for three days just to get their hands on the next Apple product. Whether or not they want or like it. Because it’s cool. And […]

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  • Moon Time Second

    Creating Your Book Cover

    We are working on the new cover for the second edition of Moon Time – my #1 Amazon bestselling book in menstruation. It should be out in the summer from Womancraft Publishing. It’s getting there… but still a work in progress. Getting to rework a […]

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  • LIVE

    I Will Be a Writer When…

    Many of us live in a “labyrinth of self-imposed limitations” (thanks to one of my self-publishing students, Linda English, for that phrase). Especially when it comes to our creativity. And double-especially when it comes to owning ourselves as writers, or artists, or whatever creative pursuit […]

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