How You Might Find Me

Some bloggers put a lot of time and effort into important things like SEO and being found on Google.


Others of us think it’s all a bit of a mystery… and rely on writing good stuff that gets share on Facebook like smutty magazines in a teenage classroom.

Google Rankings. The holy grail for us cyber-entrepreneurs… ruled by their own strange, unknown and unknowable algorhythms.

Pop in my name. Or this blog’s name and clever Mrs Google will spurt back a link to my URL as quick as a kid on Christmas morning.

But there are other ways to find me too, apparently. You see, according to my highly-sophisticated spyware… otherwise known as WordPress stats, after the aforementioned ways of locating me online, the following terms – no word of a lie – are in the top 40 ways people have discovered this blogosphere gold you are now reading:

  • video sex japan my wife sex after baby breastfeeding
  • baby sensory cowbabies class
  • spiral sea life
  • sakute sakura puki
  • write a letter to the fairy godmother’s that send you in the beautiful place for picnic

The mind boggles… does it not?

And then… over on The Happy Womb –

  • power wagon boobs
  • the power of boobs
  • breast and womb porn
  • young girl’s vulva
  • energetic nipple chakras breastfeeding

Bet they were disappointed with what they found after all that inventive Googling!