Monthly Archive for: ‘February, 2014’

  • The Great Clearing

    I walk the beach, the sky is blue, the air clear and still, fresh frozen February chill, the mist lying in the hollows of the valley, the skylarks singing as they begin their mating season: picturesque… But here too are signs, everywhere, of what has […]

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  • Tables and Chairs: Creative Downloading and the Anxious Brain

    You may not know that I catered for my own wedding.I also led the ceremony.And wrote it.And made the wedding invites… with my dear hubby.And designed my own dress.People say their weddings are the best day of their lives.Mine was truly the scariest. For months […]

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  • A-Z of life at Dreaming Aloud

    I have been quiet on the blog – I have been called on to share so much of me in the book launch, with radio, newspaper, magazines and online, that I needed a little private space to recoup. I’m aware that I haven’t kept you […]

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  • Unplugged

    The winds here are Biblical. Planes and boats grounded. Our 10 foot trampoline is currently hanging out in a tree. Wild does not begin to describe it. With each gust I am sure the windows will blow in. And then, silently, the power went out. […]

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  • Joy Pockets

    Little gratitudes in the midst of everyday living… snowdrops in the garden being a comforting mama to a sick girl a safe, warm house as the storm blew around us a really exciting top secret project eating avocado with my fingers a boy who has […]

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  • Saying No

    Sorry so quiet here, dreamers, it is not that I don’t want to be here. Blog posts form in my head, or seeds of them get parked in my drafts folder. And then time or energy desert me. I cannot tell you how insanely busy […]

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