Monthly Archive for: ‘July, 2013’

  • Weaving Summer Magic

    I have been weaving summer magic in myriad ways. Connecting with the season through creativity. Touching its spirit. After a couple of weeks away. A rocky transition in to the summer holidays. And my own ups and downs, I have been feeling the need to […]

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  • Touched

    I am touched. My last post was raw. I felt vulnerable. Naked. Aware that my own mother and soul sisters would be finding out an important part of me via blog, as I broadcast the state of my mind via the Internet to total strangers. And so […]

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  • Up…and down…

    Everything is sex. I said as we drove down the mountainside, Prince blaring on the stereo. The forests had a glow about them. The patterns in the foliage jumping out in 3D like one enormous zen tangle. I understood everything suddenly, it seemed. Everything was so […]

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  • My tangled passion

    Howdy gang, sorry for the silence – I’ve been on my holidays. Barcelona and the foothills of the Pyrenees, dontcha know!! I took two books, and read a grand total of 8 pages – so what did I spend my time doing, apart from visiting […]

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