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  • 1 Labyrinth Of Sand 2

    Labyrinths of Sand

    Circling inwards, eyes down, the sweeping lines of the labyrinth guide me. Though my mind wants to make sense of it, and plan ahead, I quieten it down. All I need is trust: follow the pattern, go with the flow.   My feet follow the […]

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  • A Virtual Mother Blessing

    This post is one of a series of posts from the Irish Parenting Bloggers to welcome two baby girls to two of our Irish Blogger Mamas,  Lisa and Aine, and is also dedicated to two other mamas who are close to my heart and due any day […]

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  • The Gathering: A Hundred Thousand Welcomes to the Land of Broken Dreams

    2013. The year of The Gathering. “The what?”, I hear you ask, if you’re not from these climes… The Gathering… “Cead mile failte.” The traditional Irish greeting of a hundred thousand welcomes is being proffered by the Irish tourist board and government, as an initiative […]

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  • Singing in the background

    I had a call out of the blue two days ago. A US publicity company wanting to sell their extortionate services to me as a self published author. Don’t you want to get your message out to a wider audience? The robot-like calls rep wanted […]

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  • Buried treasure: The Thought Birds

    I am tired. I am busy. I have sick kiddies, again. It’s moon time. It’s raining….For all these reasons and the fact that I have a dozen drafts that I can’t knock into shape, instead I am unearthing buried treasure from the Dreaming Aloud archives […]

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  • Rocking the big P! Making Pinterest work for you!

    Listen, I love Pinterest. I’ve made no secret about that. But I know a lot of people who managed to get themselves an account, but then just follow from the side lines. If you’re one of those it’s my self-proclaimed duty today to get you all […]

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