Monthly Archive for: ‘September, 2012’

  • A Writer Celebrates…

    This week I am mainly having a good writer’s week. So I wanted to share my celebrations with you! Every couple of weeks I get the most special emails from grateful readers. I want to share this week’s one from a reader in Australia, that […]

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  • Houston we have a title!

    Firstly, thank you all for your thoughts and feedback for my book title. How wonderful having twenty other women’s brains buzzing with ideas – I love crowd-sourcing – you came up with so many angles that I had not considered. I’ve been listening to all […]

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  • I Need YOUR Help to Name my Next Book

    OK, dearest readers, YOUR help is needed! (And there’s a prize!)I have now printed out a complete second draft of my next book – the one I have been referring to as “The Creative Rainbow Mama”, which I hope to have out early in the […]

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  • Damn Compulsory Education – Part 2

    So I keep being asked how it goes. With the whole school thing. (For Part 1 see here) The short answer is… it goes. The long answer is it’s been a pretty shit week in my world. I have felt in conflict with my husband […]

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  • Dearest Mama…

    Dearest mama, You started out with such high hopes, big dreams – how you would help the world to embrace your dear sweet children. You whispered your promises to them in the womb. Of how you would be the perfect mother – ever gentle, kind […]

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  • Sweeter with you

    In between the drama of almost, and the saga of Merrily starting school, we had the most wonderful family holiday in the UK – sunshine, picnics in the park, full days at the playground, ice creams and water play, pond dipping, seeing loved ones, a […]

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