Monthly Archive for: ‘August, 2012’

  • Damn Compulsory Education

    We are struggling at the moment. Really struggling. To send our two children to school. It is compulsory education. For them, for us. This does not feel good.  For two mornings in a row we have spent 1 1/2 hours cajoling and forcing them into uniforms. […]

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  • The kiss of death

    The kiss of deathLingers on my heartI did not see it comingNor invite it in.Few of us do.But it is there, indelible,And to my surprise its message is…Dance whilst you canNot because you should or you oughtBut because the song in your heartThe rhythm of […]

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  • Almost

    We almost lost our daughter last week. This is what keeps going through my head as I hold her little, warm body close. Grateful, so grateful for her continuing presence. For the miracle that was. Today and yesterday almost weren’t. I am emotionally and physically […]

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  • Unfurling – in pictures

    UNFURLING An exhibition of painting by Lucy Pearce Sold! “Much art seeks to recreate what is plainly seen in the outside world. I paint the inner world of dreams and imagination – in a language which is deeply personal, and yet universal. Symbols emerge which […]

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  • What a blast: view from the other side of my fears

    Miracles start to happen when you put as much energy into your dreams as you do into your fears. Richard Wilkins I had my first art exhibition last night. (photos to come later!) I still find it hard to believe. Not even six months ago […]

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  • Preparing to Show Myself

    So my exhibition is tomorrow. And it feels like it is a literal exhibition of myself. Which many people think I am good at doing. But honestly though it all looks good on the night, the emotional toll it takes out of me is always […]

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