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  • Spring into summer

    After a couple of weeks off, I’m painting again. Playing with new colours, loving the light blue of a spring sky and the vivid orange of summer.Bright green tendrils unfurling and butterflies flying. Tumbling wisteria blossoms hang like grapes. A swallow at rest. We are […]

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  • Best children’s music

    I don’t know about you, but most children’s music is like fingernails down a black board to me. Take the Doodlebops. Or Barney. Or the cheap synthesiser versions of nursery rhymes sung by tone deaf cheese-mongers. When you are stuck in a car for hours, […]

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  • Joy pockets from London

    What a weekend -I feel completely refreshed and reinvigorated – two days of making and meeting friends at the Light on Parenting conference, eating food I love, walking the streets of London and visiting all my favourite places from when I lived there, selling JUNO and my […]

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  • My top transformational teachers of 2012

    When the student is ready, the teacher comes along. So goes the saying. This has been a year of profound transformation for me – in terms of work, money, creativity and self-image. And I really wanted to share with you some of the teachers who have […]

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  • Kick start your creativity/ blogging/ tech prowess

    Excuse me if I’m a little breathless!I have just discovered the most amazing deal for all you writers, creatives and entrepreneurs out there. In fact bought it myself as soon as I saw it and have been downloading the e books, videos, courses and MP3s since.I just […]

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