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  • 7 Top money resources for creative entrepreneurs

    “When a deer drinks from a stream, the earth does not weep at the loss ofwater. The value is cyclical. The earth is thankful for the deer, the deer isthankful for the water. And the stream keeps flowing.” Tara Gentile, The Art of Earning image: […]

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  • 12 books to change your life

    Books are my life! No really! I write them, review them, sell them professionally… and, of course, read for pleasure. I tend to have at least eight on the go at once! You might have noted in my Books for the Soul page that I refer […]

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  • Beyond money

    Welcome back to Mindful Money Week! One of the ways we can make peace with money is by it taking a less prominent role in our lives, in moving beyond money. The more you are plugged into the external economy and the outside world, the more […]

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  • Guilt doesn’t live here any more

    I was at a friend’s house, admiring a craft book she had received as a gift. She said something which sounded like a foreign language to me. “I feel really guilty every time I see it, I asked for it for my birthday,and someone spent […]

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  • Purple

    The Blessing of Money

    Do you consider yourself blessed? We live as energetic beings in a body and world of form. To be fully healthy and balanced we cannot deny either part. And yet we do! Often those of us who walk the path of spirituality, can get to […]

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  • Our matriarchal inheritance

    This post is part of Mindful Money week. Do check out my previous posts. “It is important for women to get wealth in our hands.As western women we have the opportunity to claim our birthright, to create wealth, doing something that we love. It is our […]

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  • Name your price

    Do you know the Universe’s favourite joke? It’s a one liner. Told ad infinitum. Even though I don’t seem to find it hugely amusing.See if you recognise it! This little routine goes something like this: Me: I want to write a book (teach a course, […]

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  • Mindful money week

    This is the introduction to the Mindful Money series at Dreaming Aloud. Take some time to check out the other posts on… Abundance, Scarcity and Why The Fuck Aren’t I Earning More Naming Your Price Our Matriarchal Inheritance The Blessing of Money Guilt Finding your […]

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  • The ugly duckling is in business

    I have always identified with the ugly duckling. See these fluffy grey feathers? They’ve never quite fitted in. I’ve never been one thing or t’other. Now let me tell you a secret: there is nothing more draining than being what you think you’re supposed to […]

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  • The nearest thing to telepathy…

    What’s the point in blogging anyway? This has been going round my head a lot at the moment. On good days I’d list inspiration, information and a tribe/ community of like minded people. Blogging has changed my life, and those of so many others. But […]

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