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  • Active Birth – Mothering the Earth

    According to many 2012 is the year of the end. Of Life, the Universe and Everything. To quote Douglas Adams. Nah! I don’t buy it! But what if it were the year of birth? The year of possibility. The year where we acted to co-create the […]

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  • Full moon: Shining bright on International Women’s Day

    Grandmother moon glows bright. It is the first time I have seen her in her fullness for two months. Last month was so cloudy, the month before I was sick. But this month, driving home as she rose, we could not help but follow her […]

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  • I am brave!

    I am brave. These past weeks and months, this has been my mantra. Though a lot of the time I really don’t feel it. I keep on doing it. Enough of fear being my best friend. My comfort zone is now a far distant land, […]

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