Joy Pockets

This week’s gratitudes…

Post Halloween dinner – all three food groups – fish, veg… and smarties!
Autumn leaves – 31 years of seeing them and they’re still so awe-inspiringly beautiful

Creating the happy womb. com – just the name makes me feel good
Daily book deliveries
My first day of work – a warm up of yoga, drumming, singing and tarot, followed by 3 blissful hours of writing in my soul space (beginning an e-book on celebrating meaningful moon time) 
The goddess circle – daily inspiration for my creative but vulnerable spirit
Celebrating abundance and the constant opening up of possibilities

Visiting a soul sister, and her children, my little ones’ soul cousins
Needlefelting a pouch for my favourite comment in the blogoversary giveaway- filled with a selection of Pukka teas – (the mini giveaway is open worldwide!)

 Less than 48 hours till my mega Pukka giveaway closes (the big giveaway excludes US/ Canada)- do enter if you haven’t already!

What are your joy pockets this week? Do link them up or share in the comments below.
  1. Laura

    soul cousins 🙂

  2. Tanja @ Crystal Clarity
    Tanja @ Crystal Clarity11-05-2011

    Heya Lucy – I found your blog through the Goddess Circle,and I really loved reading this entry.

    I think one of my favourite joy pockets this week has definitely been discovering the Circle… wow – just WOW! Oh, and I’d love to enter your giveaway too… I’m guessing the instructions for how to do that will be in a previous post?

  3. Antoinette

    your first day of work sounds just lovely : )

    And that’s a pretty amazing needle-felted pouch you’ve made there!

    Daily book deliveries? *Swoon*.

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