Joy pockets

My gratitudes for the week…

Rejuvenating the autumn wreath with auburn dock seeds, fairy apples and ruby rose hips
My female friendships – Paula, Becky, Mary, Leigh, Tracy…
An impromptu breakfast party with my new neighbour friend 
A wonderful winter edition of JUNO waiting to be read… sorry, proof-read!
The scent of freshly baked granola pervading my home – vanilla, cinnamon, maple – yum!
Clear, uncluttered surfaces – hurray me!
Snuggling in our cosy warm bed with our three kiddies listening to the storm winds blow, knowing we are safe, warm and full of love.
The tea house.
Belonging to a global circle of moondancing wonder women!
Eating better – lots of fresh fruit and veg feels GOOD!
A big potential new word smith client – came to me dontcha know! (wish me luck for this morning’s meeting!)
You, my commenting tribe of blog readers – you add so much joy to my life. Thank you!
And you, dear Dreamer, what are your joy pockets for the week? 
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