Hello little voice…

A full day of work today. Productive contentment and focus in the storm tossed tea house.

And yet I noted when I was writing, a little voice in my head was my constant companion. It was always there and just kept saying over and over “But THIS doesn’t count…”
Haha! Hello little voice! What’s that you say?
Writing an ebook doesn’t count – because I might not make any money from it
Proofreading a brochure I’m getting paid for doesn’t count – because it’s easy
Spell checking and working on layout for my ebook doesn’t count because it’s just admin
Reading the Business Goddess book doesn’t count
And lunch certainly doesn’t count…
And this doesn’t count, because it’s just a blog post. And not even the post I was supposed to be writing. And aren’t I lazy for not having posted anything for over 24 hours.
And it got me thinking – what DOES count for my little voice? What DOES it find acceptable?
Dear little voice. What do you want and where did you come from? Why are you so hard on me? I work very, very hard. I do work that I love with dedication. I endeavor to bring joy, goodness and learning into the world. I love my family very much and do my best by them. But still you scoff and scorn and chastise and beat me with your stick throughout my busy days.
Dear little voice in my head, this is the Year of Enough. Take a rest, you must be tired.