Full moon rising – November

So we are rocketing towards 11/11/11. In true human style, people are getting excited about the day with the triplet date. Mayan elders have been crossing the width of the US with 13 ancient crystal skulls, between the last day of the Mayan calendar (October 28th) and 11/11/11. Some are claiming it as a portal date of a new era, or a transition time – see this post on  From the Wetware if this is your sort of thing. Do you have any wisdom you can share on this date or is it all a load of hoo-haa? (see comments section below for events going on at 11:11, 11/11/11).

But dates aside, tonight is full moon. Do you celebrate full moon? Mark it in your diary? Plant by it? Find your children go a little loopy? Does it affect your menstrual cycle in any way?

I have found that my own cycle is now totally aligned with the moon’s phases. I ovulate at full moon and my creative energy surges at this time. I find this energy enhanced by going and being outside in the moon light – to recharge my intuitive/ creative energies. (For last month’s full moon post see here).  It really is quite mystical and magical. If you haven’t tried this yet, perhaps you will tonight?

My dear friend Becky Jaine of Monkey Chi, Monkey Do,  is coordinating another Full Moon Circle. You may remember we started doing this back in August. I extend the invitation to you…

 “This is a special invitation to a Sacred Full Moon Circle to honor the November Full Moon and celebrate each other and our life’s intentions. This month’s Circle will focus upon Renewal: renewing our commitments and intentions that serve our bodies, minds, spirits and our purposes on Earth.

This November’s Full Moon offers tremendous powers to help us reconnect and reignite an intense focus on our most important intentions in our lives, our calling and our purpose on Earth. We each can renew our commitments to how we wish to live and create our lives. If this speaks to you, please take a few moments this week to write down your closest heart’s desires and intentions. Feel free to share here, to create more energy around your intentions and help one another by collective focus, and thinking of each other’s aspirations during our Moondance. This will increase our personal power and help to draw and create our intentions for each other.

It really doesn’t matter WHEN we do it, OR if you can see even see Mother Moon. She’s there, rain, clouds, full whether appearing to our eyes or not.

Together we dance under the moonlight and create energy around renewal and intentions. If you want to actively join us, list your name and location on our beautiful planet, and your intentions for renewal (if you like) we’ll be sure to keep you in our minds and hearts.”

For some beautiful moon poetry follow this link!