She who has a hundred husbands

Yes. That’s right. That really is the name of a new supplement I am taking which I cannot rave highly enough about. I first heard of it via the lovely Kate Magic Wood, our resident JUNO raw food columnist. Its Sanskrit name is Shatavari. It is a wild asparagus and one of the best women’s herbs around, having been used in India for hundreds of years. According to one Ayurvedic website: “This herb is known to increase Sattva, or positivity and healing power. It also enhances the feelings of spiritual love, and increases Ojas.” Come back skeptics, usually I’d be with you, running straight for the door at any claims to increase Ojas…

the leaves of the wild asparagus

It is a nutritive tonic, good for…
Women’s menstrual health – balancing hormones, lightening bleeding, leveling mood. It is also good during the menopause, threatened miscarriage and infertility.
Supporting milk production and breastfeeding
Strengthening the libido.
And many more specific ailments such as peptic ulcers, and low sexual functioning in men.

As far as I have read it has no contraindicators. It is gentle but powerful. I feel a glow around me, an added strength of life force, and a shiny happy womb area and a very easy moon time! I feel really good in my body – I shan’t tell you what happened when I reported these effects to my husband having just stepped out of the shower 😉

The blend I am taking comes from Pukka (my favourite herbal tea company) which also contains seaweed, ginger and spirulina to give you a boost.

and the roots!

I am not generally a supplement taker, or a tonic taker, as many frustrated friends who only want to help will tell you. But this, this is good. I could manage a hundred husbands with grace and aplomb. I’m now on the look out for “she who has a hundred children” I could do with a dose or two of that!

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  1. Hannah

    “She who has a hundred children” – ha, ha, ha – love it! I also love Pukka products and this draws me… thank you!

  2. Karien

    You got me convinced… I love my herbs! And need a dose of that. Is it the rose/ vanilla one?

  3. Dreamingaloudnet

    This is the one I’m taking. I trust Pukka, but there are plenty of other blends out there too.

  4. melissa

    Now this piques my interest. I can’t imagine feeling like I could handle 100 husbands – if this will do it for me, I’m in! 😉

  5. Motherfunker

    Oooh, LOVE pukka and am an admirer of Kate Magic Wood so I am going to give it a go my dear! You have absolutely convinced me – a hundred husbands! Wowsers!


  6. Dreamingaloudnet

    what a fine, feisty readership I shall have … I look forward to hearing how it works for you over at my triple X rated site horny mamas .com!!!

  7. earthlytreasures

    Oh my goodness is this what I have been looking for?! I have been to two herbalists and have done a bunch of self-research but still not come up with the answers for my poor tired, worn-out mama body and soul. And here you are, trumpeting your goodness to the world…

    You should be an affiliate for Pukka at this rate, and while you’re at it I suggest you let them know that they would be raking in the millions if they produced a product worthy of the name “She who has a hundred children”! LOL. I love you Lucy.


  8. Dreamingaloudnet

    well isn’t that funny, I just thought in the early feeding hours of this morning – I know I’ll see if Pukka might give a little give away prize for my dear readers. And I wonder if they do an affiliate scheme!

    I will suggest the hundred children potion too!

    Now off with you and get some mama goodies and I shall be off to continue trumpeting.

    Love to your dear worn out mama body and soul. xx

  9. ahamsa

    This sounds like just what I need!

    The Shatavari for women link doesn’t work for me 🙁 But I shall look out for the harmonise tea.

  10. Dreamingaloudnet

    Hi ahamsa, just cut and paste it the link into a new tab – I can’t get links to work in the comments section

  11. Karien

    Did everyone here order it? It is currently out of stock…

  12. Dreamingaloudnet

    oh man! just call me Delia!! (top UK cookery presenter who sold the UK supermarkets out of various ingredients: cranberries, coriander, liquid glycerine… when she mentioned them on her show!)

    Try your local health food shops…

  13. Karien

    I am going to see if I can find the pure stuff somewhere, I like to mix my own herbal teas. I already saw my regular supplier (Neals Yard in London) don’t have it, but will google it. When I am at it I might have a go at trying to find a ‘she who has a 100 children’ as I could need a good dose of that as well. Will keep you posted if it works!

  14. Dreamingaloudnet

    keep me posted!

  15. msdeem9

    Sounds like something I need a truckload of; definitely going to have to check this out! Thanks so much!

  16. Karien

    Actually, a really good herb for mothers is the very aptly named Motherworth. Is is soothing and helps against moodswings. I found this nice description in my herb bible: ‘clear minder relief from tension and confusion or overwhelming emotion’

  17. Dreamingaloudnet

    ah motherwort – I got that for labour, it’s supposed to take the edge off, and off afterpains too – not sure if it did anything for me!

  18. Karien

    I have been using it just after giving birth, to help with the hormonal moodswings. Or any time I just don’t feel up to the challenge of being a mum. Works wonders for me!
    I came up with a nice mix of herbs yesterday that should be great to help mummy’s cope. Will take it for a bit then report back.

  19. Ellie Di
    Ellie Di10-12-2011

    Iiiiinteresting. I’ve been slyly looking around for something just like this the last few months, but I haven’t been taking anything seriously because it all sounds so market-y, you know? I’ve been taking a multivitamin with ridiculous quantities of vitamin D, and that’s helped a lot, but I feel like the winter coming up will require even more help. Thanks for sharing! Off to look for it near me.

  20. Dominee

    Just ordered some, I am very interested to see the results and improvements. Thanks for sharing your story.

  21. Jo

    Love it – both the medicinal and spiritual uses look right up my alley. I take Vitex (chasteberry) everyday – will have to look into how they work together.

  22. Dreamingaloudnet

    So delighted it seems to be resonating with so many of you. I pushed it on another very willing friend in person today! May it bring you everything you are hoping for from it – peace, balance, energy and cycles which work for you xxx

  23. Marla @ Your Full Plate
    Marla @ Your Full Plate10-13-2011

    Oooh, thank you for posting! I am always on the lookout for a way to have a peaceful, easy moon time. I have a question – how often do you take it and how long until you felt it kick in? I know it says up to three times a day, but I’ve had trouble remembering to take herbs that often in the past.

  24. Dreamingaloudnet

    Hi Marla, I take two tablets once a day (mainly for money’s sake!!). It was less than a week that I really felt a difference. I got my period and realised I had not been cranky in any way, instead I felt good and yummy in my body and calm and very spiritually aware and I was like WOW. And then my bleeding was light-ish, whereas my previous period had been SOOOO heavy, as had the one before…

    Taking it alongside a good multi vitamin for lactating mamas, which I have taken many times in the past and not noticed any difference really with just the vitamin before.

  25. sharon knight
    sharon knight10-14-2011

    Hee hee! I love how you say that you could handle a hundred husbands with aplomb! I’ve heard about Shatavari for many years, perhaps I will try some.

  26. Anonymous

    Hello dear wooman, nice to discover your page. Maybe you can offer some pointers for this: I have 17 yr old who gets excessive PMT and long periods. She has tried liquid agnus castus to no avail. Can you recommend anything?
    Warm Wishes Zawadi

  27. Dreamingaloudnet

    hello – I would recommend trying this Shatavari, evening primrose and getting your hands on the book The Pill, is it for you? The first half is about the pill’s effect on our bodies and the second half is about making our periods more “enjoyable”.

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