She who has a hundred husbands

Yes. That’s right. That really is the name of a new supplement I am taking which I cannot rave highly enough about. I first heard of it via the lovely Kate Magic Wood, our resident JUNO raw food columnist. Its Sanskrit name is Shatavari. It is a wild asparagus and one of the best women’s herbs around, having been used in India for hundreds of years. According to one Ayurvedic website: “This herb is known to increase Sattva, or positivity and healing power. It also enhances the feelings of spiritual love, and increases Ojas.” Come back skeptics, usually I’d be with you, running straight for the door at any claims to increase Ojas…

the leaves of the wild asparagus

It is a nutritive tonic, good for…
Women’s menstrual health – balancing hormones, lightening bleeding, leveling mood. It is also good during the menopause, threatened miscarriage and infertility.
Supporting milk production and breastfeeding
Strengthening the libido.
And many more specific ailments such as peptic ulcers, and low sexual functioning in men.

As far as I have read it has no contraindicators. It is gentle but powerful. I feel a glow around me, an added strength of life force, and a shiny happy womb area and a very easy moon time! I feel really good in my body – I shan’t tell you what happened when I reported these effects to my husband having just stepped out of the shower 😉

The blend I am taking comes from Pukka (my favourite herbal tea company) which also contains seaweed, ginger and spirulina to give you a boost.

and the roots!

I am not generally a supplement taker, or a tonic taker, as many frustrated friends who only want to help will tell you. But this, this is good. I could manage a hundred husbands with grace and aplomb. I’m now on the look out for “she who has a hundred children” I could do with a dose or two of that!

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