Happy days: celebrating autumn

I LOVE autumn – the changing colours, the bright berries, the bite in the air, the mellow afternoon light. Walking the country lanes and popping blackberries into our mouths. Another day, another warning, (for our first blackberry warnings see here!) This time, rats! Back off people and just let us ENJOY them!!

I also love celebrating. But we have no official mid-autumn celebration – harvest festival is past and halloween still a couple of weeks off…

So this is my own celebration of autumn, just because I can! We have an autumn wreath on our door, made of twined wild clematis (old man’s beard), with fallen coloured leaves, hawthorn berries and crab apples attached with wire. 

Our nature table  (want to  make one of your own, see here!) is overflowing with finds, including a new little mama-crafted baby acorn boy in his own oak leaf snuggle bag. Do check out this season’s Rhythm of the Home for craft and celebration ideas aplenty.
And walks, as many walks as we can, with gladness in our hearts. Happy days!
(with thanks to my dearest husband, Mr Dreaming Aloud himself, for his wonderful photography skills  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)