Share the love: Shiny happy people!

Sometimes we just assume…

We just assume that everyone knows how much we love them…
That they know how much their work is appreciated…
That they are special…
That their simply being in the world matters…deeply.
The world is a better, happier, kinder, funnier place for their presence in it.
And for that you are grateful.

Nine times out of ten you’d be wrong! Most of us, most of the time are tuned in to the negative voices in our heads that we can’t imagine that the rest of the world doesn’t feel that way about us too.

Yesterday I was feeling a bit “blaahhh!” Why do I bother? Who cares if I write? There are a million writers and aspiring writers out there. The world does not need another. Who am I kidding? Who would publish my silly book any way? Creative rainbow whatever!

And then, in the law of threes that function in my life, I received three wonderful e mails, unbidden from the electronic Universe. Appreciating me and my work. From strangers I have made contact with through my writing. And it turned my day right around! It gave me a zap of energy not only to carry on, but carry on with a song in my heart, and to work on with a second book proposal into the small hours (to a second publisher, not a second book… yet!)

Thank you Grainne. Thank you Becky. Thank you Merry.

Love and appreciation right back at ya!

So my mission today is to share the love.

To do my bit to change the world, today and make it full of shiny, happy people!!!!

Join me, dear reader.  Share your love and appreciation with five people today… perhaps the woman serving you in the shop, the man cleaning your local park, your mother, your partner, your children, your favourite blogger, or even…revolutionary thought here… yourself. A real, genuine “THANK YOU” from the bottom of your heart. Put it in words. Speak it out. Write a letter. Send a text message. Share the love.

I’ve appreciated my mother, my husband, my group of parenting bloggers, some dear friends and the ladies who inspired this post…

Who will you appreciate?
Maybe you’d let us know here who you appreciate and why…And if you share the love on Facebook or online. Please share a link to this post, so more and more people can get involved sharing the love today!