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  • Finding Form: a meditative guide to creating Random Acts of Beauty

    I went into the woods, wanting to make something. And blanked. Fancy images from Andy Goldsworthy flashed before my eyes. But here I was, a mama, with a helpful nearly-three-year-old on foot and a fractious teething, just-turned-one-year-old in a buggy. And half an hour to spare before […]

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  • Random acts of beauty

    Most have heard of the concept of random acts of kindness. It is a popular one. But, Oliver Burkeman in his book Help! (which I am really enjoying at the moment) reflects that random acts of kindness can often freak strangers out – our immediate response […]

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  • Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…

    These are the happy summer days of future memories. When the days were always sunny and we were free… When life was a circus And we were pirates… and painted our own flags If not a walk in the park, life was a day on […]

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  • The greatest show on earth…

    The circ-lus, as my three-year-old calls it, is truly the greatest show on earth. You can keep your operas and ballets and Shakespeare plays. Circus is where it’s at for me. The smell of horse dung, dry ice, popcorn and saw dust. Powder pink wafts […]

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  • Joy Pockets

    our boy turning six purple-painted toenails Bird by Bird – who knew a book on writing technique could be so laugh out loud funny Irish strawberries sweaty sleeping baby curls  a stupendous new issue of JUNO a clear post-migraine head horse-drawn rubbish collection – apparently […]

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  • Share the love: Shiny happy people!

    Sometimes we just assume… We just assume that everyone knows how much we love them…That they know how much their work is appreciated…That they are special…That their simply being in the world matters…deeply.The world is a better, happier, kinder, funnier place for their presence in […]

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