What do YOU like??

Dearest valued readers,

I am STUCK. And I need potential readers’ insight to help me to find which way to go, so I am looking for YOUR input on this…

My book is about creative mothers. It is jam-packed full of useful insight and information. But I am wondering how to structure the information so it is not too bitty. I feel that I need to create a structure so there is something pulling you the whole way through the book..

How do you like to read a book like this?

Do you dip in and out? Do you read from one end to the other, no matter what?  If there are tasks do you do them?

My ideas for structuring it include:

  • just as standard chapters – which is as it is right now
  • as a map to the terrain of creativity – using metaphors such as crossing rivers and scaling mountains for dealing with the various obstacles to creativity?; 
  • as individual lessons (like the Artist’s Way) with one chapter a week for 12 weeks with assignments?
  • taking the rainbow metaphor that is already there and using it as a structure – so each major theme has a colour…
  • using the metaphor of a hero/heroine’s journey in terms of the myth of the creative rainbow mama -a kind of fictional framing device such as that of The Alchemist or Celestine Prophecy? (  but I am concerned that this might put off a lot of non-alternative/ non-spiritual women or those who do not consider themselves “really” creative…)
  • Do you like step-by-step practical books which tell you what to do?
I know it’s hard because you haven’t read it – I’m just wondering what works best – it may be totally individual, or there might be one approach that works for a majority of creative mamas…
Also what would YOU want to see in a book like this? And what are your pet hates?