Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours

Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours 
With a little understanding, 
You can find the perfect blend.
Neighbours should be there for one another,
That’s when good neighbours become good friends.

The sun was shining, the sky was blue… 

Up went the bunting and out came the food, the tables and chairs and picnic rugs… and a party atmosphere.

Six households and another neighbour turned out for our community picnic, part of the Big Lunch initiative. Eleven adults and thirteen kids – more than we had hoped for – and everyone delighted. One neighbour came up on crutches just to say he was sorry he couldn’t stay but what a lovely idea it was! Even Shouting Man came! And didn’t shout once. In fact he was very nice! (For more about the planning of it and Shouting Man read here!)

The food was wonderful – local and homemade. Roast chicken from a local farm, Greek salad with lettuce from the farm shop next door, strawberries from the farm across the road. Lemon slices, chocolate cupcakes and the Queen of Pudding’s choc chip cookies…

We learned each other’s names, talked about local issues, local food, discovered shared interests, swapped food suppliers numbers, and divulged our work and families and places of origin (though they still don’t know I’m a writer !!)
The kids filled the paddling pool, bounced on the trampoline, played in the den. The dads kicked a ball around…
It was a jolly good afternoon of friendship and relaxation… well worth taking a risk to make connections.
And we all agreed we must do it again.