I quit

To whom it may concern,

Please let it be known that I am handing in my notice with direct effect.

I am not sure who would be willing to take on my responsibilities, but am sure that there are plenty more confident/ capable/ qualified/ mad people out there who would be only too delighted to fill this position. Sure the hours suck, as does the pay, and the employers are irrational and demanding, resorting to regular violent tantrums. But I know that you will find someone else who would have the patience to deal with our three-year-old’s melt downs and demands, who would breastfeed our baby day and night, or just wean her, and would keep the house looking far more respectable. I know many who would kill to be a stay-at-home mama. Right now I feel I could just kill.

I quit. With direct effect.



P.S Can I take the car?