Happy days

The sky was blue

Not a cloud to be seen

And a boy still home from school with chicken pox – how we are both enjoying these precious home schooling days. They are just what the doctor ordered.

We made gingerbread robots, stars and planets, investigating the colour of Saturn on Google

We picked elderflowers, identified nettles and lookilikies that don’t sting.

We crossed the new bridge to the bamboo island and searched for pirates.

And played accordion on the grass (and got bitten by ants).

Then ice creams on the beach, drew and walked a circular labyrinth…
Then designed our own heart shaped one…

Then home to pluck Daddy from the home office to swim in the sea. It was like the Costa Del Sol. Water as warm as the bath. (And guess who was there… MILF… and there was I in my wobbly, white fuzzy body, and yucky swim suit, and her all long slender limbs and tan… oh well!)

Even baby Ash, who hates ALL water paddled… and almost enjoyed it!
Then Skinnys for supper and fruit salad for pudding upstairs in the bedroom.

Happy days!