Happy birthday to me!

Too tired to bake my own cake – so a dear friend baked me one.
This is not it! It is eaten!
But this is one of my most favourite looking cakes ever in the world which I ate at an apple blossom picnic last month and  haven’t had the chance to share with you.

Birthday wishes
For this year I wish myself…
My first finished book
A full night’s sleep
A sexy red lipstick
Globe artichokes for supper tonight
And lots more lovely meals throughout the year
More head-space… and body space
A house with no more boxes
Lots and lots more wonderful books in my life
More learning, growth, discovery, understanding and healing
Good health for me and mine (and you and yours!)
Peace in my mind, my heart, my world
Sunshine in my garden, sunshine in my mind
Love – lots of love and happy togetherness with my wonderful friends and family
Lots more happy days!