Walking Labyrinths of Sand

Today was a celebration.
More than 20 groups throughout the UK and Ireland gathered.
To celebrate…
Being alive,
Being Women,
In honour of 100 years of International Women’s Day.
At 12 noon, 
The Flare groups connected in spirit.
We hope our sisters had as wonderful a time as us.
This was our gathering.
You are welcome to join in spirit too…
An icy cold mist and wind surrounded our corner of East Cork, Ireland. 
A true sea mist.
I walked the forty minute walk to our local beach.
With our baby in the buggy
Forming a plan as I walked…
Still unsure as to what we would do…
Or who would be there…
The circle of stones series from this week was circling in my mind
I had a few of my favourite books with me…
Labyrinths of Birth with lots of labyrinth seeds
Make it Wild – for ephemeral art inspiration
and of course Circle of Stones if readings were needed…
Shanagarry strand in the mist
The way to Garryvoe…before we worked our magic!
The island, in all its misty glory
rivers of sand…

I started to scribble on the beach as I waited…

For the women arriving…and to entertain local walkers

We were four…very chilly ladies…with warm hearts and cold faces! And two sleeping babas!
We drew a labyrinth in the sand for us…and whoever else might discover it…
Stand in the footprints…at the threshold…take a breath…and enter in mindful awareness
We walked it…weaving webs in and out of each other…it was really special
We made a spiral of stones, with the white bands flowing through…

Just as we were finishing…the male energy arrived…jet ski!
As we were leaving a little girl and her granddad  found the labyrinth and started to walk it!
It was too cold to have a picnic, so Saturday Pizzas it was…with our dearest families
Full bellies…full spirits and hearts…wonderful day!