Making Dreams Come True…

“Imagine all your dreams can come true…
 You can achieve great health…
 Find your soul mate…
 Gain financial freedom…
 Have a fulfilling and meaningful life…
 It begins with following a list of simple instructions…
 Would you do it?
 I did!” 


Today I would like to talk about the above. Cosmic Ordering. The fast food, non-denominational approach to prayer for the 21st century.

I have a deep seated bull-shit alert and it comes on every time I lay eyes on the smarmy shisters who write crap books on the subject. Of which I – to my shame – have read many. And wholeheartedly recommend… none!

They all follow the same line: I am a very, very clever person, even though I am but a humble servant of the Great Power. Just as long as you buy my book/ attend my seminar and say my shiny affirmations for 30 days, then you will get all the money your heart desires. And all the hot sex. And a TV series to boot. 

Well bugger that, mister slimy perma-tanned hope peddlar. I’m sure there’s plenty of poor folk in Africa and South America and China even good old Ireland who have dreamed and dreamed of riches, and a dream job or just a job for that matter, and somehow it didn’t just pop out of the sky to them. Because, you know what, not everyone can be rich, or drive a sports car, but that doesn’t mean those who haven’t got it just aren’t affirming loud enough…

But now, let me share a little secret with you…it seems to work! For me, anyway!

And before you stone me. No I don’t follow any of the instructions in those hideous books. I am not much good at being told what to do. I absorb a little hint here and there, a quote, an idea. And, for my sins, was brought up immersed in this “you can change your life” stuff from both parents. And you know what… you can! The problem is that most of these books seem to sell the line that if you follow their orders you can get the American Dream on a plate.

Woah! Come back. I’m not going to start peddling affirmations. (Though if I had a book I would try to sell it to you 😉 ) But I have noticed that I have a lot of luck. Like a lot more than I should. And I think it comes from putting it out there… no not ‘putting out’!…but taking time to be clear on what it is I want, not frivolously want but soul want, and then communicating it and seeking it out.

So here’s the method –
You get clear on what it is you’re after, and why
You need to get really, really clear about it. If you’re not completely clear it won’t happen.
You visualise it fully and leave space for alternatives you hadn’t considered.
You believe that you really do deserve it. This bit is trickier than you might think.
And then you put it out there – you talk about it, write about it, draw it, bring it up in conversation
And then you keep your eyes and ears open and be prepared to help to make it happen! Your  answer often pops up in a way you would not expect. You imagined it one way, and here it is, exactly what you wanted, but just that little bit different.
And you claim it as your own, with gratitude.

Barmy right… but that’s how my life works! So I laugh at the craziness. And I carry on… You see, I live an evidence based life…and the evidence in my life points to the fact that this is how the world works. OR maybe I’m just very, very lucky.

Whatever, it has brought me my husband, my house, each of my children, some of my closest friends, some wonderful interview subjects, a writing cabin next door to the Pink House, and now a babbling brook! Each was a quite extraordinary story in its own right, a minor miracle. Each time providing me, quite astoundingly, with just what I was wanting. Literally: clarity of mind… wham… result!

Maybe it’s God and maybe it’s the Universe. Or it might just be tapping into your intuition. Maybe it’s the act of being clear with friends and family, letting them know what you want. Perhaps it’s just getting your head clear so you can go after opportunities yourself. My experience says it’s a bit of all of them. And a little bit of magic thrown in, some synchronicity here, a coincidence there, a dash of serendipity and luck.

Please do share with me your experiences… Do you cosmic order? What have you received? How does it work? Or is this a load of bunkum?