Jesus in a spaceship

My son started at the local school this September. 95% of Irish schools are Catholic. Irish schools have a required 30 minutes daily religious instruction.

However, we are not religious.

How will this work we wonder…

And so today, a conversation started in our house.

“Who lives there?” I asked “Jesus?” I can’t remember exactly where this place was we were talking about, but I was being playful.

“No, mum, Jesus lives in Heaven” Duurgh! said his voice, this is a serious topic.
OK, methinks, let’s see what he’s been taught. And so I lead a serious line of questioning.
“Who else lives in Heaven?”
“God, the Father and Holy Mary!”
Sharp intake of non-believer parental breath.
“And will you go?”
“No,” he replies, quite clear on that,  “No children there. We’re here on Earth.”
“Where is Heaven?”
“Up there in the stars” he says pointing up
“So how did Jesus get there?”
A momentary pause for thought…”In a spaceship!”
The conversation continues with conjectures about Jesus talking to aliens and the Holy Mother and Father having spaceship races. Oh the joy of 5-year-old logic.

God bless the aliens!