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    Fleeing Vesuvius:  Overcoming the risks of economic and environmental collapse Fleeing Vesuvius, published in Ireland by FEASTA*  is a book of its time, written by some of our brightest minds, for our people. Its stated aim “to arm its readers with the knowledge they need to […]

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  • Be Prepared (Part 3): Instead of Money

    Money, money, moneyAlways sunnyIn a rich man’s world A little Abba to brighten your day! Our global culture has moved from one in which indebtedness was considered a sin or a crime, to the past decade, where indebtedness became the norm. But now the chickens […]

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  • Be Prepared (2): Skills for Resilient Families

    It is my belief that the most important investment you can make for yourself, your family, your community is in yourself. Learning new skills and then sharing them with others, either through your work, or by teaching them to others. This, regardless of what sort […]

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