Call yourself a feminist?

Well, let me examine the evidence:
I do not believe that women are or should be subservient, the weaker sex or any other gross generalisation of “the fairer sex”.

I didn’t change my name when I got married. NEVER will I be Mrs somebody else!
I regularly rant at the TV news, noting that there is not a single female face – not presenting, not in the government officials or priests or criminals or experts who are given a voice.
I do not, cannot believe in a God who is made in the image of man. Nor can I support or attend any church in which only men are allowed to minister to their people and represent the voice of the divine.
Therefore I do not, cannot, believe in the Bible.
I get very angry at the levels of violence against women in most societies: domestic beatings, rape as a weapon of control, war and gang warfare, genital mutilation, stoning for adultery – for women only – of course, and the lack of justice.
I fume at the way women’s health, especially during childbirth is managed, in the civilised world.
I oppose women’s work being systematically underpaid. There is not a country in the world which pays their women equally for equivalent paid work, across the board, let alone all the domestic drudgery and parenting which is just expected of women.
I hate the fact that women make up 15% of politicians.
I am also known to rant about man-kind and their general lack of domestic finesse and emotional empathy.
I harbour great resentment at the requirements on my gender to constantly de-fuzz, be thin, be young, dye their hair, have no wrinkles and all sort of other “women only” rules on appearance. And generally do not uphold any of them very strictly.
I resent having to choose between family and career vocations in a way that men don’t usually.
I run women’s groups, to support and empower women.
Ditto my writing.
My favourite books are: The Hite Report, The Beauty Myths, Women Who Run with the Wolves, The First Sex and I am currently reading the Female Eunuch.
I fully believe that the personal is political.

So. do I consider myself a feminist?

Well, no.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you why…

Are you a feminist?